Girlfriend Wants to Attend an Orgy

If your girlfriend wants to attend an orgy, then you are going to need to make sure that you are both fully prepared for what to expect. A lot of people will end up freaking out at the last minute and not being able to participate. This is why it is a good idea for both you and your girlfriend to come together and talk it out so that you can both feel comfortable and have a good time whenever you attend the orgy.


It is usually a good idea for you both to set some boundaries with each other. You may want to tell her no oral and she may want to tell you that you can’t orgasm with anybody else. Whatever your rules or boundaries may be you will need to be sure that you can both follow and stick with these boundaries so that you can keep the trust.


Always be sure that you are both careful and that condoms are always used. Even if she is on birth control she can end up getting an STD if she does not use other forms of protection. Make sure that you can keep her safe and that you can keep yourself safe. Always bring condoms whenever you are going to an orgy. Even if you know that there will be some there.


Go online to try to find where the hottest orgies are in your area. You will need to be sure that you know the area that you are going to and that you feel comfortable with the people that you are meeting.

Edited: May 29th, 2011